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  • Students completing PrimePrep courses improved their scores by an average of over 30 percent.
  • This improvement is documented in writing.
  • Complete course, including free out of class access to instructor, with all materials included for $495


PrimePrep courses give you these advantages:

  • Small classes -- average class size this past year was 12 students.
  • Instructor available outside of class hours at no additional cost to course registrants including after the course ends.
  • Courses include extensive coverage of the Writing Assessment with detailed comments and evaluation of practice essays.
  • Unlike many other companies, PrimePrep does not inundate students with enormous amounts of useless material and made-up practice questions.
  • Unlike most other companies, PrimePrep works solely with actual prior test questions.
  • Unlike all other companies, we offer a full course combined with free out of class access to the course instructor.


PrimePrep does not rely on the past:

  • New GRE Test is fully incorporated into our prep course structure.
  • PrimePrep completely updates based on newly released tests.
  • PrimePrep is always seeking out better ways and routinely finds and implements better ways.
  • Founded and operated by Dr. Ron Pilette, PrimePrep has served over 2,300 individuals.